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Pramaholic definition
(präm' hôl'ik)
INFORMAL a person who has an obsessive need to locate and take home the latest fabulous pushchair

After the birth of our son we became what some may call pramaholics, which we didn’t realise until racking up over a dozen different puschairs! We have tried everything from the Bugaboo, Quinny and Maxi Cosi Mura to the Jane, bebe confort and petit star, and are currently awaiting the arrival of our new Baby Jogger City Mini, which we believe is 'the ONE' (fingers crossed!)

Along the way, somewhere, we came up with the idea for the BUMPaLOOP bumper bar cover.

The original one was made for our little boy, Morgan, to help his pushchair outings be a little more exciting since he preferred to be carried rather than pushed whilst very little. As time went on and he was happy with having his own space when we were out and about, this really came into its own and he is always fascinated by it, on and off the pushchair.

With Morgan’s interest in the BUMPaLOOP being so undivided we began to make them for friends and relatives, all with glowing reports of their children’s enjoyment of them. There was also a keen parent appreciation of the way the cover protected their pushchair bumper bar too(!) From there Pramaholic.org.uk was born.


The BUMPaLOOP was designed not only to interest and entertain your little ones but also to act as a sensory development aid. With numerous colours and textures the BUMPaLOOP quenches your child’s thirst to learn about their growing world by reaching out and touching. We have combined a whole range of bright colours and patterns as well as different textures. The bright colours captivate the younger baby, whilst the textures reward the older baby. And for the growing toddler every journey can be an excuse to learn the name of a colour, pattern or picture. A great conversation for the journey! And when that has been well rehearsed why not try to match the colour or picture around you whilst on your travels.

We at pramaholic also have another reason for creating the BUMPaLOOP. It keeps your child safer. All growing babies love to chew, and a bumper bar is no exception. The exposed foam of your bumper bar can not only become unsightly from bite marks but more importantly a hazard with those new sharp teeth near.

We also find it a great way to keep sticky fingers to a washable surface, and last of all to protect your bumper bar from scuffing when folding your pushchair at the end of your journey.

If all that wasn’t reason enough to make the BUMPaLOOP bumper bar cover a staple item for your pushchair, they also look great! We offer a range of colours and do our best to keep the ribbons as vibrant and creative as humanly possible! We welcome custom orders and do our best to meet your wishes with a super fast turnaround.

Our BUMPaLOOPs and PLAIN JAINEs are super easy to fit. Simply remove your bumper bar from your carrycot/pushchair and slide it on from one end just like a sock. You can then replace your bumper bar complete with BUMPaLOOP or PLAIN JAINE cover and get going!
The fabric we use means that our products will fit a large variety of bumper bar covers with ease.

See our testimonials section for more reasons to get involved.

Watch this space for more exciting ways to jazz up your pushchair.....!

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